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Updated submission form and guide for Patient Group Partners

Following feedback from patient groups and our committee members we have introduced an updated Patient Group submission form which will be used for all submissions from January 2017 onwards. 

The revised form is accompanied by an updated version of our Guide for Patient Group Partners.

Revisions to both documents follow a review to ensure they meet the needs of both submitting patient groups and SMC Committee members. The review, undertaken by our Public Involvement Team place a little over a year after the form and guide were first introduced, heard valuable feedback from a focus group which took place at the National Patient Group Meeting in March. Whilst those who provided feedback at the session were generally satisfied with the documents, a few minor issues were identified for improvement. 

Feedback from our committee members stressed that for them it is extremely important the submission form is concise and focuses on key points which impact quality of life for patients and carers.

The Public Involvement Team worked closely with the SMC Public Involvement Network (PIN) Advisory Group during the review, resulting in minor amendments to optimise the accessibility and effectiveness of the form and guide. 

New features of the revised form and guide include:

•         MS word editable form format for maximum accessibility
•         Increased word count for key questions
•         Clear link for each question to the guidance document
•         Space to include additional key information which isn’t covered in any other questions.

The updated form and guide can be found on the Submission form and guidance page of the Public Involvement section of our website.