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Clinical Experts

The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) recognises that not all specialty areas can be represented on the New Drugs Committee or even SMC and has established a network of clinical experts composed of consultant physicians, surgeons, senior specialist pharmacists, general practitioners and other relevant experts nominated by Area Drug and Therapeutic Committees, acting on behalf of NHS Boards with whom SMC may consult regarding products under review or to support other SMC functions such as horizon scanning.

Clinical experts are asked to assist SMC by providing information on products within their specialty area as follows:

Product assessment

Clinical experts are asked to provide:

  • Answers to six generic questions for all full submissions (see here).
  • Answers to specific questions which are individually tailored to each full submission.

Patient Access Schemes (PAS)

Clinical experts are asked to provide:

  • Answers to specific questions, tailored to each PAS where required.

Forward Look horizon scanning report

Clinical experts are asked to:

  • Comment on likely financial and / or service impact of new medicines and new indications and formulations of established medicines anticipated to enter the UK market in the next calendar year.
  • Provide feedback on draft monographs for high impact medicines that will be included in the next Forward Look horizon scanning report.

Further information on SMC engagement with clinical experts is available within answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).