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SAPG Membership

SAPG representation:

Chair: Dr Andrew Seaton, Infectious Diseases Consultant and AMT Lead, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Vice Chair: Dr Gail Haddock, General Practitioner, NHS Highland

Medical Directors Group (Acute Care): Dr Brian Cook, Associate Director - Acute, Critical Care, NHS Lothian

Directors of Pharmacy group: Alison Wilson, Director of Pharmacy, NHS Borders

Chief Executives' group: Christine Gilmour, Chief Pharmacist, NHS Lanarkshire

Lead for Information (Prescribing): Professor Marion Bennie, Chief Pharmaceutical Adviser, National Medicines Utilisation Unit, Information Services Division

Lead for Information (Surveillance): Dr Michael Lockhart, Consultant Microbiologist, Health Protection Scotland

Pharmaceutical Adviser Information: Mr William Malcolm, Pharmaceutical Adviser, Health Protection Scotland

Lead for Antimicrobial Resistance programme: Dr Julie Wilson, Principal Healthcare Scientist (Epidemiologist) HAI & Infection Control Group

Information Workstream Analyst: Rita Nogueira, Senior Information Analyst, Information Services Division.

Information Workstream Analyst: Mr Alistair Beith, Information Analyst, National Services Scotland

Representative with responsibility for research: Dr Charis Marwick, Clinical Senior Lecturer, Universityof Dundee

NHS Education for Scotland: Dr Ruth Robertson, Health Protection Education Programme Manager, Health Protection Scotland/NHS Education for Scotland 

Controlling Antimicrobial Resistance in Scotland programme: Dr Eleanor Anderson, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Health Protection Scotland. 

NHS Ayrshire & Arran: Dr Ursula Altmeyer, Consultant Microbiologist

NHS Borders: Samuel Whiting, Infection Control Manager

NHS Dumfries & Galloway: Dr Bryan Marshall, Consultant Microbiologist

NHS Fife: Dr David Griffith, Consultant Microbiologist

NHS Forth Valley: Dr Robbie Weir, Consultant Microbiologist

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde: Dr Brian Jones, Consultant Microbiologist

NHS Grampian: Dr Alexander Mackenzie, Consultant in Infectious Diseases. Deputy: Dr Ian Gould, Consultant Microbiologist

NHS Highland: Dr Adam Brown, Consultant Microbiologist. Deputy: Alison MacDonald, Antimicrobial Pharmacist

NHS Lanarkshire: Dr Stephanie Dundas, Consultant in Infectious Diseases

NHS Lothian: Dr Morgan Evans, Infectious Diseases and General Medicine Consultant. Deputy: Carol Philip / Alison Cockburn, Antimicrobial Pharmacists

NHS Orkney: Catriona Innes, Antimicrobial Pharmacist; Dr Becky Wilson, Consultant Microbiologist and Infectious Diseases Clinician, NHS Grampian and NHS Orkney 

NHS Tayside: Dr Busi Mooka, Infectious Diseases Consultant

General Practitioners: Dr Simon Hurding, GP Adviser Efficiency & Productivity, Scottish Government and Medicines Management Adviser / GP, NHS Lothian

Paediatrics: Dr Conor Docherty, Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Association of Scottish Antimicrobial Pharmacists: Alison Cockburn, Antimicrobial Pharmacist and Chair of the Association of Scottish Antimicrobial Pharmacists 

Scottish Microbiology and Virology Network: Dr Mairi MacLeod, Consultant Microbiologist, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Infection Control Managers group: Samuel Whiting, Infection Control Manager, NHS Borders 

Infection Control Doctors Group: Dr Ben Parcell, Consultant Microbiologist, NHS Tayside

Infection Prevention Society: Deirdre Harris, Consultant Nurse, Infection Control, NHS Fife

Nursing: Jo McEwen, Advanced Nurse Practitioner - Antimicrobial Stewardship, NHS Tayside; Lesley Shepherd, Nurse Consultant, HAI Improvement Scotland and National Services Scotland

Scottish Nurse Executive Directors: Vacant.

Safety: John Harden, Scottish Clinical Lead for Quality and Safety

Dentistry: Dr Alexander Crichton, Consultant in Oral Medicine, Glasgow School of Dentistry; Professor Andrew Smith, Professor of Clinical Bacteriology, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Public Partners: Howard McNulty; Suzanne Clark, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Patient and Public Involvement

Scottish Prescribing Advisors Association: Anne Thomson, Prescribing Advisor, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde; Jill Nowell, Prescribing Advisor, NHS Forth Valley

Professional Secretary, ScotMARAP: Ysobel Gourlay, Lead Antimicrobial Pharmacist, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


Observers and SAPG secretariat:

Dr Jacqueline Sneddon, SAPG Project Lead, Scottish Medicines Consortium

Susan Paton, SAPG Project Officer, Scottish Medicines Consortium

Andrea Patton, SAPG Information Analyst, Scottish Medicines Consortium

Professor Alistair Leanord, HAI Medical Adviser, Policy Unit, Chief Nursing Officer Directorate, Patients, Public and Health Professionals, Scottish Government